Relationship Problems That Can’t be Fixed

Relationship Problems That Can’t be Fixed

Relationship Problems That Can’t be Fixed

OMG are you serious, so what your saying is no matter what I do or better yet is to talk about it can’t be fixed? You’re not putting in the effort to make it better so why should I try, is that what you’re saying this relationship that cant be fixed
I have to clear my throat for this, I have a saying (it’s easy to be bad but it’s hard to be good), so without effort your giving up so now your a loser a deadbeat and even worse you have contempt, is that what your saying, and your beneath consideration, scorn, worthless, now mind you this is what I read doing a little research

Now I am not one that has a degree, or being a Psychologist for that matter, all I know from experience is this – relationship that cant be fixed, let me say that  there is nothing that cant be fixed with a little time, openness and communication, the day you say to your self that this cant be worked out is ridiculous.

Or maybe your not willing to make this work and have no backbone, right, I know a lot of guys and gals will fight for what they believe in and its called gratitude, being thankful, kindness, appreciation. A die-hard attitude. And its because they believe. And if you’re going to keep on arguing and fighting about who is right or wrong then you already have your answer. So basically you’re giving up to solve this issue or problem and you believe this is the right thing to do right?

The biggest obstacle if there is one that no one will budge or compromise is shameless on their part.

Being Argumentative with your Partner

Your fighting over what? And then you bring up the past, guess what everyone has a past I cant take back what I lived, you need to recognize this that no one wins being a right fighter and always getting your own way. And what makes this worse is your ability of refusal to forgive to discuss this further. You just want to leave it alone make it go away and you know it won’t if we don’t talk about it to strengthen this so-called bond we have to sorta speak clear the air. This is what we both need and I need that from you

There’s Infidelity in this Relationship

Everyones different in dealing with this topic, and what I see is the one word that eludes us, is I love this person, and he or she keeps doing it. The broken promises, the only way for this to work is, to be honest with your partner and be honest to come out about what happened, if your willing to do this you stand a slim chance if you ever do it again it will be your loss and regret. For they realize that enough is enough to leave the affair for the heartbreak is just so inevitable that will lose them forever.

Secretive or distant on their whereabouts when you’re not around

From being alone from time to time when you’re in a relationship could be a good thing or maybe not, depending on your schedule and discussing it to see what you both agree to, and this is if you’re not living together. or if your free time shouldn’t have to be a mystery. There’s a difference between privacy and secrecy and if you’re not being totally honest with your behavior this will show a different side of you, that she could read by you abandoned her emotionally as much as physically, even if your partner is there at home.

Have an incompatible sex drive

This could have been figured out when you started dating in this new long-term relationship to establish your sexual compatibility early on in this relationship. So if you’re not on the same page in your sexual pleasures and your partner shows zero interest this is a disaster waiting to happen to have your partner less into you and sex is unacceptable and that’s not what it is now. You both need to make a commitment to talk it out and compromise to make this workout.

Does your partner push you away

We all have different styles that could affect our behavior in a relationship. Do you feel comfortable being close or even intimate, and your partner dismisses your style and will be difficult to bridge that gap between both of you? This could be a struggle who is avoiding the issue to make it better. By putting your self-worth to a test with no engagement for affection what so ever, in fact, could lead to being insecure to a bundle of neediness, to have no desire for closeness with you anymore, that’s sad to even think that. Why are you still with this person, to make them think you do care but don’t.

Your partner is a narcissist

If they’re always thinking of themselves then where do you stand in this relationship, are they cutting you off in your sentences if so you will have an uphill battle from the start? There has to be a give and take not just the take and if they’re not willing to stay the same then your chances for you are slim and is this what you really want in a relationship. For this is inevitable that you will tolerate this behavior, or is the question that you want someone like this to shape your life? For this is what your in now and no changes will take place if you don’t do something now. That’s the question you need to ask yourself. And if you want to be miserable, criticized this is what you will have in the future.

So you can’t open up to each other

Why, would you put your self through this, still living in your past and its hard to get out? Well I have a solution and its pretty simple to answer, how much time have you invested in this relation to make it worth going on with it? Is the question you have to answer for your relationship will survive in this manner only if you let it, and your in something that will take no work for one partner is not willing to budge, and if you want to be dominated to this compacity then your morals are low, or you just don’t give a damn.

So here is what you’re in for! To not express your true feelings which will bring up disappointment, and anxiety for you, and when you feel you cant express your desires to each other and have nothing to stand up to for you will be depressed to not show your true colors if you don’t speak up now. So the question you want to ask your self is, this worth it for me to stay, or do I need to go and find someone that will give me what I want and deserve.

Problems without creating drama

Be vulnerable to actually talk to one another is a first step to really engage to learn about your partner and the focus is on both of you to build a lasting relationship to build trust truth and have communication at the top of your foundation. Its what it takes to learn about one another in ways to understand one another as a couple. This is critical to discuss things, not interrogate, pointing fingers or even blame, this is what it takes to actually listen to each other.
But so often we sit down to bring up issues, instead of just little small talk at first to start to engage in what you heard them talk about that you took an interest in to give your undivided attention too and that the makes of a good listener.

Instead of being a problem solver more are created when your just given examples instead of talking about problems that haven’t been addressed you hold it in, instead of making a time to discuss it, there is timing in things that matter and sometimes that all depends on what it is and is appropriate to talk about it right this minute. Here’s what we don’t want is to have the relationship go into a frenzy and it starts to crumble out of bare in mind that what you say or talk about matters and there’s always time to talk about it when u have time to do so. This will require two of you to who are willing to lay it on the line, to actually listen to each other.

You’re in a relationship make sure you can talk about your problems

If your just starting out wouldnt be a good idea until you have an understanding of where this is going, time is crutual for this to progress into something good ahd you dont have to be perfect just be your self and dont be serious all the time sometimes you need to laugh at things too but dont start laughing if you talking about something serious wrong move there, take it as it comes and find a flow on what you like to talk about example like the color of your hair is that your natural color pose for a moment for her to answer and let her answer you and you will get her answer.

And on the other hand be polite now when your ready you been seeing each other for a month now and it would be time if there are any problems to bring it up in a nice way instead of just jumping in for the surprise delivery will make it a little awkward be patient and look over your surroundings to make sure this is where you want to address the problem or can it wait and make it a set time that you both agree upon to talk about something I need to talk to you about. Smile and say thank you and leave it there.

Approach from the perspective of

Look I really care about you, and I care of what we have, so I’d like to share some things that are bothering me so we can talk about it, not argue, not ignore the problem neither, just talk it through as adults. You need to communicate that for doesn’t look like your attacking this person, and you care enough about them to deal with the discomfort talking about things that are not perfect for you.

Being upfront about how you feel and bring it out in the open being polite is the way to talk about certain things to make you aware of the things that are important to talk about it now. This also shows you have patients to not get into a heated argument for this needs both our attention to solve this delegate subject so you can move on to mare exciting things that life has to offer.

These conversations must be on a clear playing ground for both of you

what I mean by that is talk in a room where it’s only the both of you there, no parents, just you two only. For the parents might overhear a conversation about what a spouse said and take it a different way and it’s better to have this talk behind closed doors to not offend someone that you think it might. Plus their conversations are no one’s business except ours and I want to make this clear, and nothing comes out of a conversation where one or both of you are heated to the point of fuming. So you have a place there that you can talk about certain things or excuse your self-say to you parents we need to go to the store for a few minutes and talk in the car at a certain location so no one here’s what it is and you be safe to bet that this can solve certain issues if addressed the right way.

Ignoring issues will not make them go away no matter how hard you try to keep them to your self.anytime you solve an issue that been festering in you need to be talked about to move on with it, these are things that need clarity to bring it to a rest and to move on with life being in a relationship.



Relationship problems and what not to do

One of the worst things couples face when being in a relationship is if you have a disagreement and you don’t talk to your partner about it you decide to talk to your family or friends, and that’s a big no-no for sure. Iven if you married or considering getting married, the worse thing you could do is not work things out with your partner.

So here the Deal, your family, and friends are your biggest supporters of you. They will care for you be there for you and do the best for you, but once you mentioned that your having issues with your relationship you made enemies for your partner, and have serious problems for treating their daughter like this, and once this was said you dug a deep hole for your self that you will never get or know how to get out if this.

Do you really want that

I don’t think so, the real shock if you put your self in a position that trust is broken, and trying to rebuild that will take some truths to rebuild this partnership and to clearly see if this is even manageable at this point in time. This can be done if you go about it the right way and in the mean time this needs to be addressed to see if both parties agree to work at it to make it happen.

Dealing with this as a couple

Now where do you start, clearly you need each other support to make this work and if you need outside help other then family or friends, seek a coach or therapist, this is going to take some work and you might be saying to your self that with a little faith and feeling desperate to fix it will be a great disservice if you do nothing. This all looks impossible right now to overcome but as you think of all the good things your partner has done will outweigh what you need to deal with right now to rebuild this relationship.

You might start to notice things

That you cant do this alone, your a team and working together to solve issues is your biggest hurdle, if your thinking that outside help is a little much, you could find another source -Your best love: Couples workbook and Guide, There best relationships, to understand how to have fulfilling, strong connected bond.

Solving Relationship problems without breaking up

Seeing your partner in a different light, for you don’t really want to break up, but you also don’t want to live with the things the way they are either. Here are some tips to help solve the relationship issues.

First are you a good fit for each other, and you don’t want to always fix your partners issues either, so what do you do, is he or she the right person for you, don’t look to be perfect for there is no such thing as we know it, you have to work on things as a couple’s do and finding your soul mate is a little much also its a farce tail a dream, what you read and what your trying to feel but does it exist? That’s the question of how high is your expectations.

First, you need to build a foundation first, comes with trust, communication, and honesty, this is a start to figure out if the relationship is worthy of your time and effort you will put into it, and the time you do give is for building the relationship. With that said you don’t need to fight or argue on who is right or wrong, set your ego aside and work on things that matter to each other as a couple.

To dig in deeper to your relationships is to not bring up baggage or the past, talk about what your needs and wants are if you get some of these and not all is it a deal breaker for you. Now talking about your likes and dislikes, this will cover all the necessary voids that build a strong bond between both of you. You need to start things without guessing or bring up things that don’t matter to you, to be honest. This will show you that can you partner handle this part to dig in deeper to know about you as an individual.

Now this might come as a shock to you and be honest is the first thing you expect and honor, now that this is real and your building trust and time with each other will make this special to both of you. Give your self some credit here for its deserving for you both had to work at this to make it work and this is what it’s all about just to start the motions. And it will get better over time to eventually have a relationship that turns into something special.

Are relationships worth the fight to be with someone

Cause it seems no matter how hard you work in the relationship to be with someone there’s always a problem, and if you are not happy then why are you in it, the thing that drives a relationship crazy is no communication, we don’t talk that much, or your to busy at work then once you get home to come to you comfort zone its not that way either, so what do you do to mend this frustration your having.

Define the issue is where you start

Problems are always going to arise in any relationship, nothing is perfect, and what you need to do is define perfect in your own words, does it have to be perfect, what about you bend the rules a little and make it your own by saying its worth something that is worthy of your attention to have a good relationship.

We all strive to be the best, perfect, to outdo each other or not to do, some don’t right. So if you took some time to define what the issue is you will have time to solve it in a way that fits you both. And you need to take some time to sit down and get down to the nitty-gritty and figure this out to not feel the way you do.

Now as long as you can talk as mature adults, and not argue and solve the issue you’re having then you will both feel no pressure and things will be where you want them to be and that’s a peaceful environment. Sometimes we both need to grow up a little to get what we want instead of manipulating the situation to better suit that one person.

Once you define that and have certain rules in place to go by then and only then you both will be happy to go to another chapter in your life that makes this all worthwhile. Because without rules you don’t stand a chance to move on when someones always doing what they want without talking it over to solve the issue in the first place. Define what it is that’s bothering you and start doing something about it, if you stop and think for a moment that this is where your at in a relationship and you cant get what you deserve in the first place then you will say to your self why do I put the effort in and nothing gets done. And let me point out that there is nothing that cant be solved if two people want to make this a better place for the both of you.



Most common issues that will ruin a relationship

Even romantic, trust, happiness, and companionship they all experience there own problems when your involved in a relationship this issue is exclusive to you there might be a problem with age, seriousness, money or invalidity.

You need a common ground to make a relationship work and here are some things to go by that will help you decide to look for in someone that you want to be with.

1. Having shared interests 68%
2. Satisfying sexual relationships 65%
3. Shared household chores 59%
4. Adequate income 47%
5. Shared religious beliefs 43%
6. Having children 39%
7. To agree on politics 18%

Conflicting views on spending

The pure pressure of a recession, a job loss, or the spending that is out of control, or wasn’t talked about on purchases that weren’t needed. Can have a direct conflict when it’s not talked about for the person feels insecure when they just need some closure. Everything in a relationship needs to be talked about with the other person for things to go smoothly if this doesn’t happen when your whole world comes crashing down this is one of the biggest mistakes couples make and they don’t talk about.

To have harmony with each other in the relationship all things need to be talked about so your both on the same page and there is no miss communication whatsoever.

Now on a serious note of infidelity

Affairs are the most common reason why couples seek therapy. When you are insecure, distrust, hurt or even in a happy relationship and this happens all things change to see if there is any hope that this relationship will survive and see how they deal with it. The question is why did it happen and is this the time to either work to see how this happened to make this work if both still want this.

The one common question is when someone cheats on you the question that is brought up, is Why, and do you still love me, and if they say they love you, then why did you cheat on me when all I did was give you what you wanted and that wasn’t good enough for you, hah.

For most couples that are in this situation they need to better communicate with each other, and the cause is rarely what you think it could be and if they’re drinking and get drunk this is an excuse for they were horny, but you still did it and you could have walked away and you chose to do it anyway.

At this point, you feel helpless, your upset on what happened and now trust has been broken, all you can do at this time is see how things will work out if this is what you want. Sometimes there comes a time in your life to work on things to make it better or the choice is to throw it all away and move on with your life the only two choices you have, and once you decide on what you really want to do with your life , take the time to digest your thoughts to be clear in your decision for whatever that will be for we all need time to think and reflect on life and being a couple again.


Cultivating a relationship

How you feel about this person you’re within this relationship all need work for your both individuals first and to strengthen your relationship you might take things for granted to be comfortable. If you fail to recognize each other needs, or even the feeling of love wears off you lose interest and this is where your relationship can go wrong.

We need to pay attention to one another empathy the closeness like hugging, kissing being held and don’t forget to talk about things that were good in your daily life, we all need interaction with each other this is how to keep the spark there in the first place, this needs to happen every day so you keep in touch with each other’s feelings. The more your engaged with each other and talk about things the more sharing of what you have to offer is the blessing all rolled into one. Don’t take things for granted they need to be nourished at times to bring happiness to each other.

There are so many ways you can invest in a relationship being in a warm contact with each other on a daily basis, knowing your partner how much you care for them and thank them for being in your life as well. And the things you appreciate about them for there never forgotten and this will mean a lot to them hearing these words from you will touch their heart and make them smile.

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15 Best Products for Camping

15 Best Products for Camping

15 of the Best Products for Camping, Check them out!

Camping is a great outdoor activity if you are looking for some quality time to bond with your family or friends. It is also a great activity if you want to take your time to go for a retreat or to just reflect and refresh your mind. The perfect gears and accessories will help you enjoy camping to the fullest and here are the top 15 best camping products that you need to bring with you on your next camping trip.

1. Coleman Quad Chair – This polyester chair is oversized and it features a built-in cooler which can hold up to four cans of your favorite drink to keep you refreshed outdoors.


2. X-Cheng Sleeping Bag. The X-Cheng Sleeping Bag is made of high grade, nature-friendly materials and it guaranteed your comfort and your convenience. It is waterproof and it is also very easy to clean.

3. FengChi LED Camping Lantern. It is difficult to enjoy a camping trip when you cannot see anything. With these stylish lanterns, you can see the beauty of nature and you are safe from the dangers of complete darkness.

4. Women Camping Urinal. This funnel works as a urinal for women. It is made of flexible silicone and will ensure your comfort anytime, anywhere.

5. CampSpark Marshmallow Roasting Sticks. This is a set of four steel skewers placed inside a chic water-resistant bag which is perfect for kids as it is 34 inches long so they are safe from burns.

6.Whetstone 10-in-1 Camping Tool. This is the ultimate tool for campers as it has everything that you will need when camping. It includes a nail file, an ax, a pair of pliers, flat head screwdriver, serrated blade, flat blade, hammer, Philips Screw Driver, bottle opener, and fish scaler.

7. Titita Solar Power Bank. Even when you are outdoors, you still need a power supply so this is perfect for you. You can use it to power your phone, your tablet, your radio, or any other electronics that would fulfill your needs when you are camping out.

8. Image LED Lantern with Ceiling Fan. Aside from providing light so you can see clearly, it also keeps you comfortable against humidity with the ceiling fan. You can use it inside your tent.

9. Lazy Monk Two-Person Folding Hammock. This will give you more time to be closer to your loved one as you spend a lazy day on this two-person hammock while basking in the beauty of nature. It is waterproof and it is tree-friendly so you do not need to worry about damaging the trees.

10. Wekapo Inflatable Couch. You do not need an air pump to inflate the couch. Just whisk it and it will inflate automatically. Its unique headrest is designed to ensure maximum comfort.

11. Wealers Kitchen Utensil Travel Set. This is the perfect organizer for all the kitchen utensils that you will bring on your camping trip.

12. 100 Piece First Aid Kit. It is always better to be prepared for any untoward incidents when camping. This first aid kit will make sure that you will get what you need in case of accidents or sudden sickness.

13. Uno Wilderness. Feel the outdoor vibe as you play this fun game with your companions.

14. Coleman Propane Stove. Cook and heat your food without breaking a sweat with this propane stove.

15. Hershey’s S’mores Caddy.  These are the things that will complete your fun and an exciting camping trip that you will surely be looking forward to the next one. It has everything that you need for a tasty camping treat!


These are the things that will complete your fun and an exciting camping trip that you will surely be looking forward to the next one.

101 Ideas that you can do on your date

101 Ideas that you can do on your date

101 Ideas that you can do on your date

You have been dating for some time now! Here are some great ideas for you to be adventurous and have fun. Going places you might not have thought of and wanted you to explore the possibilities, and what is out there.

1. Go to a drive-in movie – When was the last time you been to a drive-in, if you have a family this would be a great thing to bring the kids no babysitter and you can enjoy some family time, Talk to your kids and see how excited they will get.

2. Go to an I-Max theater – This is one of the best places to go for the sound and the comfortable seats they have, don’t forget the concession stand.

3. Go, Bowling – Have a family night or just go and you don’t even have to keep score.

4. Mini Golf – Have some fun Putting around

5. Go Deep Sea Fishing – When was the last time you cooked a fresh fish meal?

6. Treasure Hunting – Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use your cell and GPS.

7. Go to the Zoo – If you like animals, exploring new reptiles, birds, and trails a fun time for all.

8. Go to an art show – This is a place to learn history, and take pictures and find that special masterpiece.

9. Go to a Swap Shop – If you like to get up early and find items you been looking for this would be the perfect time to save money too

10. Go to a Festival – Google your city for festivals in your area you will be surprised how many this has.

11. Go to a concert – One of the best times you will have is to go see your favorite band live.

12. Go to a Car Race – You will have time to order tickets to do this if you’re into car racing.

13. Have fun Riding Go-Carts – Challenge your spouse to a cool event racing her being a gentleman to let her win or not.

14. Horseback Riding – Go in the country and have a super time going out to a place you haven’t been for a long time.

15. Pick Berries – If you like to bake and impress your guy bring him along with you, see all the different pies you want to bake.

16. Go swimming – when was the last time you got your feet wet.

17. Take a Helicopter Ride – This was fun if you’re not afraid of heights.

18. Paragliding – this is a fun time with all the mountains to see or going to the ocean instead.

19. Travel to a City of your Choice – be adventurous and explore a new city you haven’t been too.

20. Go to an Arcade in the Mall – We know she likes shopping when you say let’s go to the mall and bring her to play some games for you both will have fun, without the sun.

21. Go for Wine, Beer or Liquor, tasting – Go search the internet in your city and see what their serving, just make sure you take it slow.

22. Go to a Yoga Class – The most relaxing time you will ever have, it recharges your body and your mind, feel great.

23. Go Snorkeling – summertime is around the corner and take a dip and look for shells and all the cool reefs they have.

24. Go Running Together – This is a fun time to talk and enjoy each others company to keep in shape.

25. Go Camping Together – I wrote a post on this what to bring and what to do.

26. Go to a Batting Cage – batters up – always wanted to say that.

27. Play Racket Ball – more activities to explore

28. Play Tennis or Bad Mitten – a fun time to burn some energy and get better with your backswing

29. Play Basketball – one on one or pony When was the last time you played right, don’t beat her to bad or the other way around right?

30. Go Shopping – Things you need to do around the house or outdoors.

31. Home Projects Together – re-decorating your home is a good idea to make it look bigger and a different way to set it up.

32. Invite your Friends for a Get-Together – this could be a BBQ or game night or even a special occasion.

33. You have Pets, give them a bath together – Time to wash the dogs always a good idea there not scratching as much right.

34. Go Dancing – Weekends are always a fun time and you know she likes to dance to put on your dancing shoes and go out and boogie.

35. Bike Riding – Go take a ride to explore more places you never been too.

36. Shoot some Pool – Has it been a while since you picked up a cue stick, play 8 ball for some fun times.

37.  Product Landscaping – Weeding and cleaning your yard isn’t fun but it will make you feel better when you’re done.

38. Play Card Games like Uno, spades, hearts – Vall your friends up and have a card night.

39. Go to Bible Study – Weather you been to church or not always a good idea to give of your self to learn the bible.

40. Go to a Cooking Class to Learn More – Love cooking how about you, this is to give you some new ideas and freshen up your culinary skills

41. Go to the Park – Want to spend a couple hours out walking the nature trails, or bring some food to BBQ always a fun time.

42. Go on a Picnic – Bring out the blanket and learn about each other with some cheese crackers fruit and some wine.

43. Go for a Joy Ride – When was the last time you just got in the car and said let’s do that, and that idea was all it took.

44. Go Play with your Kids –  at the playground just a fun time with the family is always welcomed, bring a freebie too.

44. Walk around a College Campus – If it’s been a while that you went to your college campus, take a walk and see if any changes were made.

45. Throw a Frisbee in the Park, or in your backyard – Go fly a freebie, something to do and you might learn a few new tricks.

46. Go to the Park for a BBQ – Has it been a while cooking that steak on the grill, or make it simple.

47. Go do some Volunteer Work –  for your community something to help your community by just being there.

48. Go to the Airport –  and watch the planes take off and coming in for a landing So when was the last time you watched a plane take off or land, its fun if you just want to do something.

49. Go to the Library –  for projects you need to do or just for a quiet time and read a book of your choice.

50. Go to a Museum in your City – If you like to explore your city a museum is a good place to start.

51. Go and Donate –  things you don’t need anymore time for some spring cleaning.

52. Enroll in a Class together –  at your local college or parks and recreations dept  you’re looking for a class to attend on this project and time to learn some more of what you need to add to your learning.

53. Go to a Poetry Class – You either like this or don’t, and all depends on the person who wants to learn something new give it a try.

54. Like Music –  go to your local store and see what music you like to listen too  you might end up with all these Cd’s you just love.

55. Go to a Karaoke Bar – Time to exercise your vocals and say I nailed it.

56. Go to an Art Fair or Car Show – something you been wanting to do this and finally its time to go out and explore.

57. Test your Smarts at a Trivia Night – are you good at trivia, time to learn some new words and phrases

58. Browse your local Farmers Market – for some great deals on veggies, fruits, meat, and plants.

59. Go to your local Bakery –  and enjoy what you haven’t had in a while oh the memories, the smell you can’t resist, I know.

60. Go to your local Ice Cream Shop – has it been that long since you been to an ice cream shop time to go and choose your flavor.

61. Go to your local Chocolate Shop –  to get some goodies this is one store I enjoy all the smells and taste so good just melts me

62. Get a Cup of Coffee –  at your favorite coffee shop this time I think to get large with a donut.

63. Go have some Breakfast –  at your favorite store, one of my favorites is Cracker Barrel.

64. Go to Happy Hour for a Drink – or two you had a not so good day we all have them and you go early for some drinks, just be safe ok.

65. Look up Lunch Hour Specials –  at a restaurant to set a date there good idea to save money and set a date.

66. Save Money by looking to buy one get one free deal at local restaurants there always having specials 2 for 1 so bring your date their.

67. Call to order a Pizza – It’s a Friday just get off work, time to relax, call my date and say come over I’m ordering pizza.

68. Go to have a Taco Night – always a nice time when eating tacos with your date, smiling on how we have to eat this hah.

69. Plan a Date at a Steakhouse – Call your date, surprise her by taking her out for steak dinner and then dancing, she will be thrilled.

70. Plan a Seafood Feast –  at you local seafood restaurant one of my favorite foods is seafood platter, wow you always have a doggie bag

71. Browse your local Antique Store – for treasures, you may find just a nice place to go for barging and yes a lot of treasures too.

72. Go to an Open House –  in your neighborhood what a surprise that you find a home that has a reduced price and its a bargain.

73. Get some Inspirations –  at your local hardware shop for projects you like to do around the house you been wanting to go this project now its time to ask for help and call your date to help you.

74. Go to a local Landscaping Company – Pick the plants of your choosing its time to pull weeds and get some new plants.

75. Look at Furniture –  of furnishings for your house in online auctions to find bargains facebook marketplace good for bargains.

76. Go Kite Flying –  on a windy day have a long tail on your kite and start sailing.

77. Go to your local Beach –  and collect shells on the shore – nice time is when you at the beach walk the seashore to find shells.

78. Go for a Walk –  at the trails of your nature preserve, park nature is so beautiful when you’re with your date just looking around talking and enjoying her company and its only been 10 minutes into your walk.

79. Go to your local Orchard  – and pick berries, apples look up your nearest orchard and go pick some berries for some fresh pie baking

80. Go to your local Dairy Farm –  and see how they milk there cows this is a good idea if there is a farm in your town to see how it operates and where they sell their dairy products.

81. You like the Open Sky –  go to your local star gazing event explore the universe, sometimes its just a relaxing time tonight to dream.

82. Feed the Birds – or ducks at a local pond we know god feeds our birds, and sometimes we need to help by feeding them also.

83. Go Bird Watching – butterfly too and see how many species there are you will be very surprised.

84. Rent a Skidoo –  or canoe for half a day take your date on a Skidoo or canoe ride.

85. Go to local Pet Shop and see all the dogs, cats, and reptiles, fish they have – something to do and you might fall in love with them

86. Go to your Botanical Garden –  to see all the varieties of plants you like to buy with all the pretty flowers, make ur garden pop.

87. Have you gone Treasure Hunting – its fun and exciting to treasure hunting you don’t know what you might find?

88. Browse a Second-Hand Store –  for treasures you might find going to a second-hand store is a nice place to find some items u need.

89. Go to the local Bookstore –  to find some treasures you been wanting to read this is a good place to save a few bucks and find some useful treasures.

90. Walk your Downtown City –  and look at all the boutiques, its fun to dream and brings ideas, that you didn’t know existed.

91. Fantasy Shopping –  go to an exotic car dealer, or even take a test drive – This is a part of daydreaming that could turn into reality.

92. Go to local Estate Sales –  in your area finding items for your home that you need is a great way to save money and get what you need

93. Stay at Home –  and bake your favorite dessert this is a nice time to help each other and learn from doing this together.

94. Go Play the Video Game Together – Playing together is a good thing as long as you know it’s just for fun and not serious to win, right

95. Have a nice Take Out Dinner –  with candlelight ordering a nice meal and being romantic is a pleasant time to talk about new beginnings.

96. Have a Fondue Dip – of strawberries, marshmallows – the party is on melting chocolate and eating strawberries with some wine ummm.

97. Have a Movie Night Marathon – Time to sit back get some popcorn, drink and then pop in a movie get this marathon started.

98. Listen to a New Podcast Together – Ideas are great when listening together then apply them for good use in your life.

99. Invite your Friends to a Game Night – make some calls a few days in advance to have your friends join you for a game night.

100. Have an Indoor Picnic –  listening to nice music or watch a movie,  Yes this time have some burgers and fries, and set out a movie.

101. Go Down Memory Lane –  and bring out your yearbooks and share some untold stories a good time to laugh at all the funny things you used to do when you were in high school.

Gift of Love – The Perfect Gifts for Someone Special

Gift of Love – The Perfect Gifts for Someone Special

Gift of love

There are many occasions when you need to get something special for your loved ones or for the person you are dating. You need to make sure that you get the perfect gift for your anniversary, for his or her birthday, for a new job or a promotion, for Valentine’s Day, for Christmas, for milestones, and the list just goes on and on. However, it is true that you do not need a reason to give a gift to your special someone. Each day that matters and each day is something worth celebrating. Just make sure that you shop at a secured website like Amazon to keep your finances protected.

These are some of the best gift for love that you can give your special someone just in case you are running out of ideas:

  1. Getting the Love You Want This book which was written by Dr. Harville Hendrix will help couples get rid of all the negativities in their relationship. It also helps heal the wounds of a heart.
  2. Westin Works Love Tokens  This metal pocket token is a great reminder for your loved one about how you feel for him or her. The front says “I love you always” while its back says “and Forever”.
  3. Lunchbox Love Remind your significant other about how much you love him or her with these cards. It contains 48 cards with different ways of expressing your love for someone special.
  4.  Love You More This statement wine glass will surely be a part of the special moments in your loved one’s life – both the good and the bad.
  5. Love Actually This movie features multiple love stories and you and your partner will surely find one that you can relate to.
  6. Silicone Ring If your special someone is not too comfortable wearing a wedding ring or an engagement ring, you can give him or her this silicone ring.
  7. Key to my Heart Make sure that your special someone is the only one that has the key to your heart with this couple keychain.
  8. Love You Most  End the argument as you give your partner this cute and cuddly throw pillow as a gift.
  9. Love Collage  This is the perfect way to display captured moments of precious memories that you and your loved one shared.
  10.  Rub With Love This is a salmon rub that everybody loves. Give your significant other a taste of your love with this rub.
  11.   Love Story  Express how much you love your love story with these decals.
  12.   Couple Pendant  These stainless steel couple pendants show the world how your someone special has half of your heart.
  13.  PRECISE TIME KEEPING Sollen His and Her Watch Set is stylish, functional, and romantic as it symbolizes your love for each other and symbolizes how you both have each other’s time.
  14.   Memories This memory booklet gives you the perfect opportunity to combine love, sentimentality, and humor.
  15. Beast Beauty Keep each other warm with your love, with your hug, and with these matching jackets.

Gift of love

Pick the best one or get each one to give to your partner for special occasions or when you simply feel like it.

Watch Out for Apple Watches

Watch Out for Apple Watches

Watch Out for Apple Watches

Apple is known for its high-end features in all its products. Their products come in sleek design and are packed with amazing functions. Now, more and more people are falling in love with Apple Watches. Watches are perfect gifts for your special someone as it symbolizes how you make him or her as your priority. It symbolizes how he or she can have your time whenever they want or whenever they need it. Here are two of the most popular Apple Watches that your significant other will surely love

Apple Watch Series 3 38mm Smartwatch

  • Color your watch. It is available in three color combinations so you can choose base on your preference – gold case with the pink band for an elegant feminine touch, silver case with fog band for a classic, neat look, and gray case with the black band for sophisticated, sleek appeal. Choose the one that looks best on your partner.
  • Good as new. Although this is a refurbished watch, Amazon made it undergo scrutinizing in order to make sure that it is in its best condition and it is as if it is new. Some may have minimal wear and tear but there are almost unnoticeable. It also comes with a 90-day warranty so you can rest assured that it is in good condition.
  • Face it. It has a 1.3-inch display and it has changeable faces. It also comes with widgets so your special someone will love wearing it as much as he or she loves using it.

Apple Watch Series 1 Smartwatch 38mm

  • Clean and Bright. Many people look good in white. This is why the Apple Watch Series 1 is perfect for your loved one. It has a 38mm silver case and white sports band. It has Ion-X strengthened glass to ensure durability that will impress your partner.
  • Mint Condition. This is certified refurbished so you have the Amazon guarantee that it works like it is new. You can rely on its quality to give it to your significant other as a gift. It even comes in the original box.
  • Two is better than one. It has a dual-core processor which makes it fast for processing the basic features of this watch.
  • Listen to your heart. It comes with a heart rate sensor so you can monitor your heart rate accurately. This alerts you if your heart rate becomes too fast or too slow.

These watches also show your someone special how they are worthy of your effort and your hard work. They may think that they do not need such watch but once they have experienced wearing it and using it, they will realize what they have been missing. These Apple watches look great and their aesthetics is matched with useful functions too. These watches look classy and stylish. They are the perfect companions for working out so these may also serve as a motivation for your partner to exercise. You can give it to him or her for a special occasion or you can simply surprise your loved one for no reason at all.

Let’s explore doing something fun and exciting going Camping

Let’s explore doing something fun and exciting going Camping

Let’s explore Something fun Camping

This is going to take some planning, its not just the tent you need, it’s all the other things you need to bring as well, like sleeping bags, pillows, air mattress to be comfy  a light to see around the tent, charcoal for the grill, lighter fluid newspaper and lighter to start the charcoal. Some pots and pans,to cook meals in, cups for coffee, plastic cups for drinks,then you need plates, plastic silverware,sharp knife, cutting board, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, food you want to eat with cooking oil, condiments a good size cooler or maybe 2 coolers for beer wine and soda,ice. This is if you going to prepare your meals unless you’re going to the nearest store and buy it. Bring some tools to set up the tent a hammer for stakes to place in the ground, maybe some pliers and screwdriver with some rope just in case you need it. 3 to 4 garbage bags for your trash. Then get a suitcase for your clothes, bar soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, comb, brush, cologne, perfume, need towels and washcloth for showers. Hairdryer, radio listen to some music, a few bags of snacks to eat if you bring fruit place them in zip loc bags. You could bring containers if you want just need to wash them then you need a pale and dish soap too. place on a picnic table to dry.

If there’s electric at your campsite, you could bring a 25′ or 50′ extension cord and a small lamp (use in the tent). bring a broom to sweep out the dirt from tent, bring mosquito spray, or use citronella candles. and it’s always a good idea to bring a first aid kit too.

here is a separate list of the food you will need.

1 Coffee, Dunkin donuts sweet creamer
2 Potato chips, peanuts, cookies
3 Apples, grapes, bananas,
4 Salt and pepper
5 Beer, wine, soda, ice
6 Eggs, bacon or sausage,
7 Lunch meat bread, mayo, mustard
8 Dinner, hamburgers, or hot dogs buns catsup cheese, tomato
9 Baked beans, potato salad
10 Oil, margarine, condiments

Items you need

1 Tent, pillows, sleeping bags, air mattress
2 Flashlight, lamp, extension cord, radio
3 Pots, pans, plastic silverware, big knife, cutting board
4 Zip loc bags, 4 trash bags, 2 gallons water/ for coffee
5 2 coolers, hammer, pliers, screwdriver, rope
6 Dish soap, pale, mosquito spray, broom, towels, washcloth
7 Suitcase, shampoo, bar soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver
8 Shave cream, razor, comb, hair brush, cologne, perfume, hair dryer
9 Napkins or paper towels, charcoal, lighter fluid, lighter

Now when you get at the campsite and find a spot to set the tent up, you can use the broom to help smooth out the debris, then you’re ready to put the tent up nice time is asking for help goes a lot smoother and she will know how to help you when you do this again. Once that’s all set up then you can start setting up things like your air mattress then sleeping bags pillows and set up the extension cord for the lamp. then plug in the radio and jam out to your favorite tunes.

Some parks have activities you can do like canoeing, boating, hiking through the nature trails, they might even have a place to go swimming or fishing too, just be a good idea if you haven’t been there before is google it and see what they have and plan your trip accordingly. Its been a while since I have been camping, I started with the tent then moved up to a pop-up camper had all the furnishing you need to sit back relax and have a wonderful time and setting up the awning and bring in some lawn chairs listening to some favorite tunes a nice and relaxing time to do something that you both enjoy.

For setting the tent and bring everything together will take about an hour or so, it depends how far you have to carry things from your vehicle.

A few more things I wanted to add to the list is if you will go fishing, swimming and depends how much room you have in your vehicle, pack swimsuits, towels or fishing poles and tackle box.

Texting Tips That Make or Break a Relationship

Texting Tips That Make or Break a Relationship

Texting Tips That Make or Break a Relationship

Let me share a true story that was personal to me and the lessons to every texter out there while dating. A few dates I meet this amazing girl and she said we should be more serious, I was amazed to hear that, we were texting, and getting together a few times a week. She replied the suggestion will be going on a vacation this week. 1-2 weeks went by and haven’t heard anything from her. All I could do is wait what for that’s rude not even a call, so I moved on and a week later I get a text saying “Hi what you doing? “ I replied wow 3 weeks later

Everyone has different views on this topic of texting, it’s nice when you first start out but gets annoying when that’s all it is just texting, no call and for the girls, they would rather have the call, not just a text. And a lot of girls say they use text as little as they can for its the voice they would rather hear.

My friends talked about this on dating they use text to see if they’re busy and to use it to maybe set up a date, but some use it for the chase and others don’t and make a call instead. Either way, you do it it’s still nice to talk other than just sending a text so keep that in mind.

It’s imperative to have some kind of balance when you text, the fine line of coming off cold or uninterested in being too needy. If you have a bad date or a good date it just shows that you are a caring person by texting them to make sure they get home safely, that you have manners.

For women, if you had a nice time on your date, by all means, let him know, but if you had a not so interesting time I would just delete his number, you don’t need to get into a battle over texting.

For Men and Women would be a good idea to keep the lines of communication open and don’t take to long to contact each other, like 2 times a week, there’s no rule on you have to be in contact every day.

When is a good time to text each other, that’s a very good question, preferably in the morning saying have a great day at work today or something along that line would be a nice way to say you care?


Good idea to keep in contact, but no selfies, or pictures makes you seem that you send them to everyone and that could come off as being needy or something like that.

And by all means no ghosting – for some of you that don’t know what this is its

the act of suddenly ceasing communication with someone. You don’t need to be rude unless there are grounds for it, be the one that is different because when you are you stand out more with her or him.

Its everything we do about content and that could use an adjustment, to say the least, it gets boring hearing the same thing over again, how about sharing a little story or something they don’t know about you, this will have them engage with you and a nice way to keep it simple and adventurous.

Keep it clean when first starting out dating, like getting to know the person better know what she likes or dislikes. and by all means don’t start sexting its not the time or place to even bring this up if she’s a lady show some respect to her its not about your needs its about both your needs and this one takes time to see if your compatible or even want to know more of each other, so start slow and work your way to her heart, not her pants.

No texting while driving – its not cool if you end up dead by being stupid, we see you out there doing it and the ones that say oh it won’t happen to me and the next morning you parents are getting a call from some bad news from the police department or worse there’s a knock at you door. Don’t let this happen to you it only takes one time and you could be next, and this isn’t just about guys its everyone. Pull over and don’t be the statistic.

Life has its challenges, whether it’s texting, calling, email, social media, whatever way you do it take some pride on what you’re doing and be the one that’s smart about it will go a long way.

Create Curiosity When you message them, give them a few morsels to keep them thinking?

Let’s see if you can guess what I am doing right now?

Don’t make plans this weekend, I have a plan for you?

When is the date you wanted to meet again?

Just give them time to answer you back, for would look awkward if you text them again for there were busy with life in general.

Keep up the excitement, for there is more room for it another time. For if you do anything now you could look desperate and that’s not what you want to do, for there is timing to a fine balance here. Just make sure you do the right thing and be in their thoughts for this is what you’re striving for anyway.

Whatever you do, just don’t play games, its simplicity of saying your thinking a lot and this is something to ask her and be her support sometimes life throws a curve ball it happens to all of us and you just need to clear your thoughts and if it happens it happens there always tomorrow.

Making plans is your first step, the next will work out by maybe talking to her instead of texting, see there are other ways to clear things up when needed. That is something to work on for there isn’t anything with communication to work out if you keep calm and not nit pic easy to say hard to do right, you just have to put things in perspective and figure them out. It will calm things down and you will feel better about the solution, just need to find what it is if any, for could be so simple and its overthinking and that does happen.

It seems like most of the connection with humans calling is lost, so encourage this more then texting, even if you kinda running late or stuck in traffic, it still better to make the call, reason is their’s emotions involved you cant read that with a text and it makes perfect sense for it don’t you think.

Are you lacking confidence or just being silly, a woman likes a man to take charge in a nice way, for instance, you havent had dinner yet you ask where would you like to go since you were running all day and you just want something, you ask and she says anything would be great, now here you go she just gave you the green light so the man with the plan, you figure out I havent been there for a while but they have gread tasting food and sometimes this is whats needed when you were being who you are a gentleman.


13 Surefire Ways to ask Someone Out, The First Time, Make Them Notice You

13 Surefire Ways to ask Someone Out, The First Time, Make Them Notice You

13 Surefire Ways to ask Someone Out, The First Time, Make Them Notice You You might be saying to your self, this doesn’t work, I tried this and get turned down or why should I believe you in what you are saying? Because I have a skill, that I learned and chosen to use it anytime I need to, I don’t like to boast, but its true and its something you can learn not complicated or you have to look a certain way neither, for I am like you an ordinary person with a skill that’s all. So do I have your attention now, Look one thing you need to know is, you don’t have to have money, drive a fancy car or be good looking, anyone can do this, you need to have the right mindset and approach and you can have any girl you want, yes even if this girl is out of your league, your saying to your self she won’t like me, well there you go if your thinking like that already then how do you have a chance right. Listen, what you tried hasn’t worked and if you tried other ways and they haven’t worked either, from gurus that you listened to, and bought their course, book or whatever, the question is if it didn’t work that’s where your mindset is stuck on and we can change that for the better, Now. So let’s begin, shall we? 1) Stop Trying Yes you heard that right, if you try too hard and your a good person, she will walk all over you, for you not giving her what she needs and that a distraction by not caring about everything she likes, they like a challenge, and if a guy likes to speak his mind and not be afraid, then she’s interested in you. So how do I do that? Its simple listen to what she is saying and dont agree with everything, see when I guy is agreeing with everything she is saying to her where is the fun for her, where is her challenge, so stop agreeing and say If she has a cat or several say to her I really dont like cats be honest with her, and say I dont think this will work out, and you peaked her interest and as your getting ready to walk away, she says thats ok, if shes sill standing there then you have a chance, and hand her your cell and have her give you her number, then wait a few days and give her a call. 2) How to Make Her Notice You Anything you can do to get her attention by mixing things up like jewelry, a nice suit, and nice shoes, if you ever watched a talk show and seen the women in there and seen them have nice clothes on and were looking really nice, this is how you attract them and start a conversation, not ur old pick up line, be casual and say hi, I had to come over here and talk to you caught my eye. Stop there and let her say something nice and that how its done. 3) Getting Ready For Your Approach to Say Something Nice to Her You might be thinking to your self that she is or might be out of your league, before you do the appproach to her, who likes rejection and that’s in your thoughts I get it and your nurvous shacking sweating, ok calm down and take a beep breath let it out and start walking toward her, smile and be confident thats what shes is looking for in a man and say something that when you first see her, say something about her hair, eyes, complection, lips,her smile, clothing. Ask her if this seat is taken and be polite do you mind if I join you, wait for her answer ? If it is them go to another table and through the night you might bump into her and just smile and wink at her. These little gestures are things that women like and think about. That could lead to more you just have to wait and see if it does. If not then you could make her jealous by talking to someone else, glance to see if she’s looking don’t make it obvious and see what happens, just be confident and you’re starting off on the right track. 4) Are you the teasing type, then start doing it Ladies love that when you do it in a certain way, sexual chemistry that works with a little laugh and realizes its a tease and not an insult. This shows her a little confrontation without risking who you are, so keep teasing. Do this when the time comes up naturally, this will show that you don’t agree all the time on the things she likes all the time. 5) When You’re in the Conversation Listen to Her on What She is Saying Teasing her is for endless conversation is endless just don’t get carried away with it for sometimes you need to be serious too, this will help you listen and observe her in way’s you didn’t think of and have a whole new outlook as your adventures take a new part in both of your lives. Plus this will take all pressure off of you and all on her for you took the time for her interests instead of your own and there’s plenty of time for your just getting to know her on a certain level and learning at the same time. One little thing that works no matter where you are at, is if you are confident and showing this to her with little giggles and small laughs will show her that your paying attention to her totally, keep your eyes focused on her, there a lot of ladies around that might distract you don’t let that happen for its the easiest way to start a nice conversation and lose her by not given her your all, you came to see her and now you took your eye off the ball and why? This could happen just don’t let it by looking around and not keeping eye contact make your self-stand out for she feels like she’s the only one there and she is liking you on a different level of what she is used to and this the way you make her feel comfortable with you and this is what your looking for to get the 2nd date and her number. 6) Ask Her Out On a Date Now that you have her phone number and its time to go on a date with her, instead of texting her which is ok, but its better to talk to her makes an impression on her for you took the time to call her and who knows you could be talking for hours to learn even more about her. This would be depending on what time you call her or if she’s busy. Be that guy that does things differently you will stand out more and she will notice this. On the other hand, where do you make a date – where do you go, you could ask her if she enjoys a cup of coffee and you know of someplace that’s quiet, and wait for her answer. Or ask her what she is comfortable with a place to meet if she’s not that much into going to a coffee shop. Maybe this could be a place to start off with. You want someplace to go that’s simply not a dinner date for there expansive and sometimes awkward and noisy too. Now, don’t go to Mc Donalds, or Burger King, that will make you seem like a cheapskate too so you want a middle ground that’s a little different. 7) Be What Makes a Date Special is By Complementing Her When you see Her, say you look amazing, this will make her notice you and your words make her feel special and that’s what makes the dating scene a nice place to start with a few nice words. She spent hours picking a dress, doing her nails, makeup, and her hair to look good for you, and it will be nice to see her and make her the one you look at and pay attention too. It’s so easy to make an impression on her but it’s also easy to screw it up by not being your self, being relaxed and confident and the obvious is listening, to her so you can intervene and be part of the conversation, and add some important points that make it special. 8) Do You Have High Expectations Then you stay true to your word, and that’s a good trait, and you mean what you say and be true to yourself and that sure tells a lady who you are. But what happens if she’s running late and calls you last minute, sometimes this happens on traffic accidents who knows, it does happen just hold her to it for you can politely say hope you make this up to me and she will respect you, even more, to not do this again for her accountability, ok knowing this ahead of time for you won’t tolerate this if it keeps on going on. When she arrives open her door show her you care when she sits down help her with her chair show her that chivalry still exists and that you truly do care about her and you’re showing her this, plus your building a report with her that tells her this and enough said. 9)Things You Should Not Talk About On Your Date A lady wants to get to know you, not your car, all the money you have or the house you own, and these are gold diggers who will ask you these questions. Yes, it will be important to know this may be a lot later when you make a commitment but that isn’t going to happen right now until you see where both of you stand and for now, it’s just a date. No talking about the lousy dates you have been on or your exes there’s nothing good you can say right now to make her feel comfortable with you so put it to heart don’t talk about it. Religion is also a touchy subject no matter what degree you know and your beliefs you have, I just say something like this, if she asks, I am religious I believe in god and leave it at that. If she wants to talk about this I say in a polite way, is this what you really want to talk about or can I ask you about this? And usually, we talk about something else. Politics is another no no, don’t want to get into no debates, what good is it anyway right, so I don’t talk about it and leave it at that. Be Your Self and She Will Like You Even More Being yourself, and not trying to be someone your not is the clue you need cuz you always wanted to please a woman to like you and how has that worked for you. You need to refocus your energy on you, believe in it and you will see it start to work just the way it should. A lot of things happen so far from teasing to not getting into a confrontation to show your strengths and you need a pat on the back.. this is always a big part of dating and more to explore and so far you’re smelling like a rose without the thorns. 10) Flirt with her doing it in a manner that’s a little physical Your sitting close to her and brush her leg, her hand, or her neck, her hair, smile and see her reaction, if for some reason she doesn’t smile back maybe do it another time during the date. Women like to be touched holding hands makes them feel comfortable with you, and they feel your hands for 2 reasons, there either soft so she knows you work in an office, or your hands a little rough and she knows you work with your hands if she hasn’t asked you what do you do for a living and told her already, for you have so much to talk about. Little things through conversation trigger what your experiences have been, if your running out of things to talk about here’s a great way to engage her in some physical things like Do you have a favorite team you follow? Might she like the same as you? Where you grew up did you like where you lived? When did you move here? What is it that you really like to do for fun? With some of these questions your asking her if she likes to be touched, you could initiate it with a little graze on her arm and see if she does the same. What your trying to do is getting her to open up and be herself, by little touches isn’t something she doesn’t like she does and if she’s not engaging, then its time to engage in a different direction and is she what your wanting to spend more time with is the question you will answer your self. And still be polite and see where it will go. This next one will answer that question for you, weather she likes you or not. 11) Making The Move Knowing When To Kiss Her Are there signs their, that’s pointing to this, like she’s looking at your lips, or when your telling jokes and she laughing, but they’re not funny, she leans in at you instead of the other way around, and the obvious one is shes playing with her hair. These, my friend, are all signs that have no rejection at all on it, she wants you to make the first move on her. Just don’t force it to let it come naturally, how is shes close to you looking at your lips or your both smiling and you move in a little closer to see if she inter veins closer to you. If you miss this part and she’s not putting these signs out there relax maybe she just having fun and isn’t looking for that at the moment you are. Just don’t force it to be the gentleman that you are and there’s another time you will know by seeing it a little more clearly than you did now. Whatever you do out of rejection, there’s always the next time so don’t be so hard on your self there’s room to learn and maybe you read it wrong who knows, and she wasn’t prepared for it neither awkward moments like this happen, you will just try it another time and it will be memorable. The question now is are things moving the way you want them to move or are you not sure on where you stand with her. You want to make her your girlfriend, but you cant drop your guard now get possessive or insecure you really need to know, you have had a nice time together all the time you been seeing her and you want to have a future the question is are you ready for the commitment too to work at this to make it work, if you are then you need to open the blinds and let her know your true feelings. 12) Let Experience Naturally Grow So how do you develop confidence naturally, the first thing you do is what you been through with these lessons, and applied them will be where you start to develop more by taking action in conversations that come naturally. This whole idea of getting the right girl, being the person you are and looking at signs that you developed over time is only about one thing and that one thing is You, its a scary step at first we all been there too and you not alone with this. You just taken part of something that you made work with a little help and knowing what to do at certain times and what not to do is the biggest hurdle you overcame. 13) Now its all up to you on where you want to take this next step Yes, I can tell you for certain it’s going to take work and worth doing if you consider where you’re at right now or do you want to do it all over again, only you can answer that from what you have learned and applied. So is your commitment to work on things with each other is what you really want. Then if so life now will change and so will you, for the better and for anyone reading this-this is what you have to overcome looking for a girlfriend and working at it or searching again to see if your both want to be serious and develop it as a couple only you can answer that I can only give you tools to work from. So there you have it all in one and lot of guided mistakes we will make and to find that one woman, we were searching for, all I can say for my self-was it worth it and I can honestly say it was to give something that will teach us there is more to life then we know and to work it out the best way we know how and thars the secret that life has to offer you.
Review on – Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag Price $50 – $70

Review on – Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag Price $50 – $70

A great Review on – Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag Price $50 – $70

This Bowling bag was from Amazon and the reason it had top reviews all 4.5 to 5 stars
The Customers that purchased them we so pleased with there bowling Bag compared to there older
bowling bag that it wasn’t just price it was the fact that they thought it would be too bulky and it was surprising that had a good balance the ball fit great and storage was the length of the bag.
so it goes to show not only do you get a quality bowling bag you get one that was priced below
what they expected to pay and they were so happy that they took a look and were shopping for what
they really needed a great bowling that will last for years to come.


Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag
4.6 out of 5 stars 274 customer reviews | 23 answered questions

Price: $59.99 & FREE Shipping.

Get $50 off instantly: Pay $9.99 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card.Try Fast, Free Shipping

Sold by bowling ball and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.Color: Asgard Blue

21 colors to choose from
Asgard Blue, Black, Black Circuit, Charcoal Circuit, Fuchsia Circuit, Gold, Hot Pink, Hot Pink/Purple
Island Blue, Lime Green, Lime Green Circuit, Lime Green/Orange, Lime Green/Royal Blue, Orange
Orange Circuit, Royal Blue, Royal Blue Circuit, Royal Blue/Orange, Royal Blue/Silver, Silver, Teal Circuit

Durable 600-denier polyester oxford construction
Wide 3″ rubber wheels for easier maneuvering with wide wheel base for stability
21.5″ Extendable square handle – 5 1/2″ longer for easy rolling
Holds one pair of shoes (up to Size Mens 16)
Dimensions (L: 21″) (H: 15″) (W: 13″)

New (1) from $59.99 & FREE shipping.

Fits Everything You Need For The Perfect Game

The Path Deluxe Double Roller by Pyramid easily fits two bowling balls, one pair of bowling shoes (up to US Mens Size 16, US Mens Size 15/14 Wide for SST/Performance Shoes), several accessories, and personal belongings crucial to your game.

Deluxe Molded Ball Cups with Padded Divider Protects Two Bowling Balls

Vented Shoe Compartment

Oversized Side Accessory Compartment

Made with The Best Quality and Rugged Materials

Constructed Using 600-Denier Polyester Oxford Material

Molded High-Quality Plastic Base For Durable Protection of Bowling Balls

Padded Carry Strap for Easy Pickup

Telescoping Rectangular Handle (non-locking) Collapses Flush with Bag

Custom Metal Pyramid Zipper Pulls

Rubber Wheels with Metal Axle

Features That Just Make Sense

The Path Deluxe Double Roller by Pyramid brings the highest value and quality bag through features that just make sense.

Wide 3-inch Rubber Wheels for a smooth roll into, out of and through the bowling center.

Wider Wheel Base for Enhanced Stability and Ease.

21.5″ Extendable Square Handle – 5.5″ Longer for Easy Rolling

Padded pickup handle for easy loading/unloading of the bag into the vehicle.

Included Bag Tag for Identifying Your Bag – Perfect for Traveling

A Style For Every Bowler.

Make a statement every time you walk into the bowling center. Vibrant color on black. Available in 10 colors!

Dual accent colors on black available in 6 different combinations!

Be the first with the Circuit Design – available in 7 colors


Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe Single Tote Bowling Bag
Price: $32.88 & FREE Shipping. from Amazon
148 reviews 4.6 to 5.0

21 Colors to choose from

Asgard Blue, Black, Black Circuit, Charcoal Circuit, Fuchsia Circuit, Gold, Hot Pink, Hot Pink/Purple,Island Blue, Lime Green, Lime Green Circuit, Lime Green/Orange, Lime Green/Royal Blue, Orange, Orange Circuit, Royal Blue, Royal Blue Circuit, Royal Blue/Orange, Royal Blue/Silver, Silver, Teal Circuit

Single Deluxe Tote – Black Body with Asgard Blue Accent Color
600/840 Denier Construction – Durable and Vibrant
Adjustable Padded Strap w/Welded Steel Construction, Webbed Nylon Carrying Handles,
Custom Zipper Pulls, Polyurethane Ball Cup designed for comfort, utility, and style
Oversized Side Pockets Fit up to US Mens Size 15 Shoes
Dimensions: (L: 14″) (W: 11″) (H: 13″) – Portable, Easily fits in vehicle and ball locker

Product Description
It’s all in the bag.

The Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe Single Tote can fit all of the equipment you need on the lanes. Enough room to fit:

In the main compartment with foam polyurethane ball holder:
One (1) Tenpin Bowling Ball
In the large accessory/shoe pockets on both sides of the bag
One pair of bowling shoes (one shoe in either pocket for larger shoes up to US Mens Size 16)
Towels, notebooks, tablets, training aids, etc.
Small accessories such as:
Bowling Gloves and Positioners
Rosing bags, grip sacks, grip balls, towels
Extra socks, small notebooks, pens
Bowling tape, ball care tools, abralon pads, cleaner polish
Much more!
(Additional equipment is shown to demonstrate capacity and storage. Additional equipment sold separately)
Pyramid Quality.

Designed and constructed with the best materials found in bowling bags today.

Rugged 600+840 Denier Polyvinyl
Polyurethane foam ball cup
Welded steel hardware
Webbed nylon carrying handled w/padded wrap
Perfect size for the perfect game.

14″x11″x13″ size fits easily into:

Bowling lockers
Make the Path Pro Deluxe Single uniquely yours with:
Deluxe bag tag included
Fun colors
A style for every bowler you know.

Blacklight Reactive Accent Colors on:

Pro Deluxe Single Black/Pink
Pro Deluxe Single Black/Hot Pink

Head-turning neon colors for those who like to make a statement as soon as they walk into the bowling center.

Dual-color bags for those who have two favorite colors and want to show both of them off.

On both bags are quality made, plenty of room for shoes and supplies.

The weight of single bowling bag is 3 lbs – Carry bag Price $32.88
The weight of double bowling bag is 7 lbs – Handle with wheels, Price $59.99

Either way, you look at it both bags are the finest of quality, durable, and built to last,
and you still need to place in your vehicle when you go bowling, with the double and both balls weigh
15 lbs each x 2 = 30 pounds + 7 lbs bag weight plus supplies and shoes your talking total 39 lbs
Single bag 15 lb ball plus bag 3 lbs, supplies, shoes total 20 lbs

If you decide to purchase another ball within a few months then its worth the double bag, if not then stick with the single bag and Happy Bowling.